Welcome to Harlem

Harlem Gates: Located on 125th street west of the Apollo Theater painted by Franco the Great. Franco has painted over 200 gates from the West to the East Side of 125th street. He started in 1978 with the thought to change a negative into…

Harlem Brownstones

Harlem is known for its streets full of brownstones that were built at the turn of the 20th century.


Tekima Berlack is a senior activist in the Harlem community. She worked as a vendor at Mart 125 until the day it closed.


Frank Anderson, was a building manager on 114th street. He lived on the same block since the 1940’s.

Lenox Lounge

The Lenox Lounge is one of many important landmarks in Harlem. The historic bar, opened in 1939, featured jazz greats and singers.

Mart 125

Mart 125 located across from the Apollo Theater on 125th street, opened in 1986 as an incentive for local street vendors to move off the street, establish their own businesses and sell their products in an indoor micro-managed market. Mart 125 was closed in…

125th Street

Harlem’s largest and most famous thoroughfare, 125th Street, is where many gather to meet, shop, and revist the footsteps of history legends.